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How to Write an Article That Will Get to Google’s First Pag


A lot of people are looking for ways to get their articles indexed by the search engines to get some free traffic. I am a very avid golfer, so I began writing about golf before internet marketing. I realized I was getting a ton of traffic to my articles and wondered how. I typed in the title of my articles and they were on the first and second pages of Google! I didn’t know how long it took, but after later trial and error, I’m guessing 1-2 weeks. So although it was an accident at first, I’ll show you the method I’ve come to use to generate traffic from articles. Right now I am going to show you a simple 4 step formula that I have used to begin to create traffic to my sites and yes, reach the first page of Google.

1. Focus on the heavy hitters in article marketing.

Are there more experienced article marketers and complicated softwares you can buy or use otherwise? Sure. But to begin, we always want to keep it simple, simple, simple. That means using EzineArticles, which usually help me get indexed quickly. Use them until you get this right. Then, feel free to browse around for others but you want to be thinking: the more eyes on my articles, the mail merge google sheets . That means sticking with the sites with heavy traffic. is a great site as well.

2. Optimize your headline.

Google weighs the title of your article most heavily in putting your article in its organic search results. Use free keyword tools to search for terms in and around your article niche (Google « wordtracker »). Find EXACT terms people are looking for and make that the title. If 20 people a day look for « simple dog training tips, » make THAT the title of your article. If that name is taken, try others and remember that the first few words of an article weigh heavier than the last.

EXAMPLE: « The best tips in the world for marketing your affiliate business » will not be as targeted as « Affiliate marketing tips- best in the world » based on keyword placement in the title. It’s shorter but also uses the key phrase « affiliate marketing tips » early rather than a fuzzy use of it toward the end.

Remember: the terms that a person searches for are bolded when they show up in the search results. Say, for instance you typed, « public speaking business » the article may look like « how to start a Public speaking business, making you more likely to click on it.

3. Use that term and related terms throughout the article. In addition to using it in the article, make sure you put these terms in the « keyword box » that EzineArticles provides. Why do you think they give you that!? I make a « cheat sheet » of keyword terms I use because for many of my article I use the same keywords, so I can just copy and paste from where I wrote them down in Word or Notepad. This just saves times and gives you no excuse NOT to do this.

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